Seductive Teen European Escort in Bangkok

Name: Lis

Age: 18

Height: 171 Cm

Weight: 55 Kg

Size: 34C-24-34

Are you feeling lonely in Bangkok because you are alone or want some escort service? When that is the case then maybe you want to hire a European teenage escort, then you will want to make use of Lis. Having a size of 34C-24-34 she is one hot teen escort available in Thailand. With a personality that matches an actress in Hollywood, Lis can give anybody a run for their money.

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She is well educated and articulate with the ability to note smallest details of her clients. Lis can accompany you all through Bangkok where she is living currently and provide a fantastic tour of the city along with you. As it becomes night, then the fun activity begins. Her A escort services are known worldwide among her clientele who have a tendency to keep coming back for more.

Lis is a European teen escort who can provide services which include escort service, A level escort, oral sex, sexy massage, kissing, face sitting, and domination. Her main favorites are oral and kissing. Though she is not very keen on rough and kinky stuff, she does not mind the occasional rough stuff, but loves to be gently handled.

Face sitting is one her specialties where she loves to get touched down under by you. It really turns her on. Domination is not often practiced with clients. However, depending on her mood and the client, she feels like getting turned on, you can be rest assured she becomes the most dominating woman on earth for some time.

Sexy massages are provided by Lis where you are covered in smelly oils that give out fragrances which last you few hours. It is quite some experience with both of you lying naked to each other getting to know each other. Soap is also used depending on your needs. When you are a real gentleman, then you will love to spend time with her.

If you want to experience the best European teen escort services, then call Lis. She can ensure that you will have an experience of a lifetime. When in Bangkok the next time, remember to call Lis and enjoy a world of fun and excitement. However, you will want to know that Lis is busy most of the time and if you want to meet up with her, then you will want to call her now.


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